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Pain and Performance

Pain Or Limititation Does Not Need To Hold You Back Anymore Here Is Why.

Pain and Performance

Pain or limititation does not need to hold you back anymore here is why.

If you find yourself currently in pain, you know you want to do anything and everything to resolve it. Yet for many people it can be hard to get rid of. And this pain ultimately effects your every day life. For others, it may not be a PAIN that bothers you, instead it is some kind of restriction, impacting your ability to move well, therefore limiting your performance and ability to progress. Regardless of your limitation. The reason for it. Is your body is trying to protect you. The author of this protection is your brain and nervous system. it there longer than it needs to be?

It puts the breaks on because it perceives a THREAT. More often than not, this perception of threat is old and has been limting your body for a long time. Through Functional Neurology, and more specifically through P-DTR we can treat the root cause of this threat and get you feeling great again by removing it. 

It is simply FAULTY information.

The reason is your brain is getting the wrong signals. Through an indepth assessment of your history and your body as it currently presents, we can figure out what information is incorrect and change it, so that your brain receives the right signals. When your brain recieves the right signals you will no longer have pain and your performance abilties will be restored.

The LOGICAL next step for you

I recommend booking in an intial one hour consultation so that we can figure out what is going on and how to help you quickly and efficently to give you the best care possible. Before I see you I will ask you to complete a form of questions to help identify the source of your problems, where your answers allow a logical step by step process to be followed when I see you in person.

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