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How It All Works

Functional Neurology Therapy is an approach like nothing else. Quite unique. Very effective. So where do we start? Well. Initially you book in a treatment or taster session. We send you a form to complete detailing your history and what you would like treating. Letting us know where it hurts and how it impacts your life. The more detailed history you can provide when it comes to your life experiences, the better: accidents, surgeries, knocks, bumps, exericse or general injuries are all relevant. 

The reason you are in pain or you have restricted movement is because your BRAIN has percevied a THREAT...and is doing it's best to protect you. Quite often this protection is their longer than necessary, the injury or issue could have completely healed, yet you still have problems. This is becuase your BRAIN thinks the problem is still there and it's receptors are telling your brain FAULTY information. P-DTR is a way of understanding this information, any faults in it, and resetting it. So your brain receives the right information. 

When you come in to clinic we go through various assessments to see how you move, note any restrictions, see if you have any scars, tatoos, or piercings that impact your PAIN, problem or complaint. And then TREAT it. We test your body through muscle testing which is the best way to understand your body, nervous system and brain. Then we delve deeper with other neurological, ear, eye and movement based tests.

You will have a picture painted of what's going on and will leave your treatment knowing, you can be helped, you can feel better and you can PERFORM at your BEST.


When we have your brain and body working correctly. Your body works as it should. Unrestricted. We deal with receptors. You know when you are a child and you learn about avoiding touching hot things. Well imagine you place your hand on top of a pan that comes straight out of the oven. What happens? You feel the heat instantly and rapidly move your arm and hand away. The reason that happens is a neurological response to HEAT and the pain you percieved. Well that heat is one of 18 receptors your body has to keep you safe and moving well.

It is my job to understand which receptors are causing you PAIN or movement troubles. 

It's amazing to see someone, lets say who has had neck and shoulder pain for years. The problem as an example could be coming from the shoulder and upper trap muscles. They complain about "tight traps" and they have a history of massages of that area. Yet, progress or solutions seem temporary. The reason why? That tight muscle is there PROTECTING something. Your BRAIN does not want you to remove that protection. So overtime will always be tight.

Functional Neurological Therapy goes after what you NEED protecting as well as the THING that is supporting it, so you have a permanent SOLUTION, not a temporary one. So if you are READY to have a permanent soltuion to your problems please book in a session today by clicking the blue button below.

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