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Tight Or Sore Muscles

If you are here it's highly likely you go to the gym, play a sport and are simply ACTIVE. You've recognised certain areas are tight or sore, despite what you do to help them. It's FRUSTRATING. And I hear you. I had TIGHT RESTRICTED QUADS for a long time. A history of MTB and cycling the cause. To help I went for a 1 hour massage twice a week, for a year. What happened? The massages felt nice, they helped for that day, but overall, looking back they did nothing to improve my performance. Do you know what did help? Functional Neurology. In one session of P-DTR my quad tightness unlocked. To say I was SURPRISED is an understatement. 

Now, for some, it might not be a QUICK FIX in one session, it could take a few. Regardless. When you discover the root cause of your tight muscles, and treat them through neurology. You get LONG LASTING RESULTS. Depending on how long you have had restrictions and tightness in an area, the tissue can mold to a certain shape, so additonal steps you can do yourself will help it regernate to a healthy shape. And I will support and guide you through this. But let's face it. You want performance, and once we remove the BREAKS the brain has put on your muscles you will 100% be performing better.

Within a short period of time after your intial assessment I can show you exactly why the muscle is sore and what other muscles are the cause of that soreness. It's fascinating. So if you are interested in how you move. It will be an enlightening experience. If you are simply interested in PERFORMING better. Well. We will tick that box quickly.

So look at what you have achieved so far, what's stopping you, where are your restrictions. Let us know when you book in your treatment or taster session, and we will get you at your best quickly. Simply click the blue button below to schedule your session with us NOW...

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