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Restricted Movement

Pick a joint in the body, modern day living has probably in all likelihood taken its toll and limited your movement. In clinic most people who come in with movement restrictions are gym goers, athletes, Cross Fitters and other sports people who usually notice these limitations in their hobbies and past times whom are looking for a long term solution. The reality is stretching and mobilisations alone rarely work. Why is that?

Often the BRAIN puts the breaks on certain areas by causing a muscle to STAY tight as a protective mechanism taking up the slack for weak muscles around the area. Other causes can be past injuries or trauma, surgery or even stressful or emotional events. Regardless of the cause if you book yourself in you will be taken through a thorough assessment, we will take your full history, and come to understand what you REALLY want to be able to do and achieve. Ultimately that's why you want to remove these restrictions, you have GOALS and RESULTS in mind. It's my job to get you there.

Through our Function Neurology tests and P-DTR treatment, we get to the root cause of your restricitons and treat them. The proof is in the session where you will, once the cause is found, instantly see your body changing. Feeling strong and capable.

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