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The head piercing migraine doesn't have to be a regular occurence any more.

See how we can get rid of your migraine or headache following these simple steps...

You see, it's important to appreciate that the reason you end up with a headache most often is due to a movement or visual problem that can be resolved through Functional Neurology. Either by treating the brain or treating the receptors of the body that send signals to the brain. There are various assessment we go through to establish the cause of your pain. Then we go about treating it. It's amazing hearing the impact that someone experiences with a history of "HEAD PIERCING" migraines to have been treated and to notice a HUGE change in a short space of time. 

We check your ability to tolerate eye movements, we assess the function of your neck, as well as other movement assessments to see where your limiting factor or dysfunction is. When we find it, you will quickly see its impact. By experiencing this and the solution you can have FULL confidence that we are on to the right solution. And you are on the road to recovery and feeling better than you ever have in years. Yes. That's a big statement. I have FULL confidence in the power and effectiveness of our treatment methods.

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