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A serious pain in the back side

How hip pain can limit your function and how you can resolve it quickly to get back to living life at your best

Hip pain, whether that be deep in the butt, at the side of your pelvis, at the back or the front...there are many reasons that could be contributing to the pain you feel. A thorough assessment of your joints, your movement and reviewing your history can go a long way in understanding why you are the way you are right now. Yes, its frustrating and often when you are reading this you have tried tradional methods, stretching, foam rolling, maybe even Yoga or massage... yet still have problems. The reason why, especially the clients/ patients we see, is that the CAUSE of the problem is never addressed. The symptoms are often treated and this usually results in SHORT-TERM relief. 

There is a better way

By delving deeper into you. We can find the cause allowing your body and brain to feel safer. When it feels safer, it allows you more movement, it often removes tightness in muscles and the pain you feel. This then allows you to move well. Getting you back to the activites you love. How does that work? Well. Your body when it is in pain perceives a threat from either the environment or your own movement. The pain is simply a signal from the brain, despite, in many cases the area that feels pain being completely fine. 

All it is, is incorrect information from the area being sent to the brain. When we correct that faulty information, no more pain. It sounds simplistic, the methods to get there are complex, yet you are in safe hands when you are in our care. Not only do we treat you in clinic we give you additional steps you can take at home to enhance your experience. You will benefit regardless but these additonal steps get you to your best even quicker. 

Ultimately it comes down to your health, wellness, and enjoyment of life. 

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Man With Lower Back Pain

Discover in this guide how you can resolve your pain for good with these seven simple steps

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