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Optimise Performance

How do you move? It's enlightening to be assessed and recieve outside perspective on what works well and what doesn't in relation to your SPORT or what ever it is you are looking to perform better in, whether thats dance, rugby, football or gymnastics... Functional Neurology Therapy can unlock your FULL POTENTIAL.

How does it work? Well, by looking at how you move, seeing movement restrictions, muscle tightness, weaknesses and strengths we can optimise this to have you move and feel better. Take for example, you are a Cross Fitter and you want to perfect your Muscle Ups, we can SCAN every aspect of the Muscle Up and the muscles involved looking for any FAULTS in your system that cause you to OVERwork or UNDERwork. 

Once we have seen this, we then delve deeper into your system to correct it. It could be something in your spine, it could be your feet, it could be your shoulder. Whatever it is, we can help you get more from your movement as well as give you ideas on adapting your training routines to become more resilient in the things you LOVE to do.

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