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What is Acute Pain?

Many events and circumstances can cause acute pain such as:

Surgical Pain, Traumatic Pain or Muscle Strain.

The pain experienced can stem from mild to severe lasting a short moment, a week or even months. Acute pain doesn’t last any longer than 6 months. Acute pain tends to disappear once the underlying causes of pain have been treated or have healed.

Don't wait longer like Jenny, be like Jane.

Both Jenny and Jane play for a local Netball Team, Both injured themselves in a "final" game that was important to all involved, the hard competitive game took it's toll, Jenny sprained her ankle, Jane fell badly on her left shoulder and had pain at the front of the shoulder. Now, Jane came to see me about a week after the event. I assessed her whole body and there was a clear sign of weakness in her whole left shoulder.  The fall had caused the brain to protect her by "switching the muscles off" around the shoulder so no further damage could be caused.

Unfotunately, this meant Jane was experiencing pain at the front of her shoulder. No amount of "resting" would help this get better. She couldn't play her favourite sport. Even a few days off was not working for her. Now in clinic I quickly established the muscles around the back of the shoulder, by applying pressure, helped the weak muscles become strong. This is positive. The next step was to apply treatment. Then within 2 minutes. All Jane's muscles were strong. And she experienced no pain at the front of the shoulder.

Jenny on the otherhand, rested, she let the ankle heal and came to see me 12 weeks later. Jane had been recommending me after the positive result she had. Even on follow up a week later, Jane's shoulder muscles were still strong. Jenny, however, she had been suffering as the body naturally compensated for 12 weeks. She played Netball and worked through the pain, basically taking more weight through her "good side". It turns out, after assessment, her "good side" was very tight and the muscles essentially "seized up". 

Again, after a thorough assessment I was able to clear most of the dysfunction. But because of the length of time Jenny waited, more work needed to be done. Which is common. So I had to clear other dysfunction impacting Jenny's performance. If she had seen me sooner. She would have avoided weeks of suffering. But at least NOW, she was on the mend. She was back to performing at her best after 5 sessions. Still, a great RESULT!

Both Jenny and Jane have a bi-weekly check up to make sure they are firing on all cylinders to consistently optimise their performance. No longer in pain. They simply are focusing on longevity. Not everyone follows this, commonly its gym goers and those who are active in sport, or other endeavours, where performance matters. Other people, simply want their PAINS resolved so they can go on their merry way. 

Whatever your needs, at the clinic, we can help you get to your best. You do not have to wait. You do not need to rest. It is highly likely you can be treated sooner...

In clinic we get people better sooner

What we notice in clinic however is acute pain can be effectively treated far sooner than the average person would assume. So instead of “giving it time” it is a good idea to have a professional like myself look at it, assess it and test it to give you a quicker turnaround.

Because, why wait in pain for any longer? Get it resolved by booking in your taster session now. Simply click the blue button below.
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