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Shoulders Do Get A Beating And Here's Why

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Your shoulders, similar to the hips, are responsible for a lot of movements and can go through a huge range of movement, with many muscles involved. Which means many things can go wrong causing you restriction and pain. Most people we see for Shoulder Pain and or RESTRICTION in the shoulders are looking to perform better at their chosen sport or simply in the gym. Others are those that use their arms and shoulders more at work such as barbers, hairdressers, artists, mechanics, and labourers. 

Often the body compensates and muscles that should support the shoulder when you move simply don't work, and quite often other muscles tighten up. Ligaments, tendons and the joint itself can also be problematic when you have shoulder pain. 

Through our assessment we will quickly establish the cause of your problems, looking to enhance your range of movement, the stability of the shoulder and the strength of it, allowing you to move without pain. What we look for is that you can move functionally. If this is the case, you should notice the pain disappear either immediately or over the coming days after treatment. 

If there is nerve pain involved, this can be different. WORSE case scenario is that when we treat the problem, healing of the nerve may need to occur depending on the injury, and that can take upto 3 months. This is where it is important to establish the CAUSE of the pain to give you reasonable outcomes. 

The GOOD news is in our experience we have had VERY good successful outcomes when treating these kinds of injuries. To book in your Taster Session to see what can be done for you, click the blue button below:

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