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How YOU can unravel the restrictions that hold you back

You know, the ones keeping you tight and in pain, in as little as THREE simple steps

You have a niggle that you can’t specifically pinpoint, you know its in a certain area and it’s effecting your every day life, the way you move and you want rid of it. You have come to the right place.

First off, your movement needs assessing to see where the limitations are and for us to discover why you feel the way you do. Your joints and muscles have a very good way of letting us know this. Secondly, by understanding how your posture is and how you hold yourself in movement, like walking. We can identify restrictions and remove them. Thirdly, by understanding your history we can see possible causes of WHY you move the way you do and why you FEEL how you do.

Through out an assessment and treatment you will recognise your body taking on a new shape and will likely feel a difference immediately.

Let’s say you find yourself walking a bit differently, awkwardly if you will, failing to move through the right side of your body with ease compared  to your left side. Recognising this is how you currently move, we could check the movement of your right HIP and find the muscles around it are restricting your movement. You may recognise that the tightness is pronounced. Up on testing you may find you are what we call “Hypertonic” which essentially means your muscles aren’t able to relax in that movement. Causing you to feel restricted.

We can remove this restriction by resetting the receptors in control of it via the nervous system in a matter of seconds.

On further testing after treatment. You will now see a huge difference and recognise your muscles are now able to relax.

Seeing this in people is such a great feeling. Like a patient who feels restricted in every aspect of their back which caused pain. They mentioned they always had “tight hamstrings” and this was evident when I said try to touch your toes and they barely could reach their knees. After treatment they stood up, went to touch their toes, reached the floor and stood up face beaming. They for the first time could touch their toes.

They then wanted to see what else they could achieve, so we then went on to optimise their other movements so they could perform better at the gym.

If you would like to experience similar benefits, I encourage you to book in a FREE taster session now or book in a call to discuss how I can help you.

Man With Lower Back Pain

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