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Knee Pain, the problem with "opinions" on solutions when there's actually a simple fix 

Because knee pain is quite common, you may have friends, work colleagues or family members offering their opinions on what you can do: rest it, stretch it, massage it, wear a knee sleave. All valid options, but not LONG LASTING ones. So whether you are a runner, a weekend warrior, a cross fitter or someone who simply wants to move and feel better. I will share a solution. 

It's a full body MOT through the LENS of Functional Neurology and a P-DTR assessment and treatment. Why? Well instead of treating symptoms, we go after the CAUSE, the root cause of your pain. And look at why you have knee pain in the first place. It could be restrictions in the ankles or hips, it could be the quadricep muscles working inefficiently. Whatever the cause, once found we go through a protocol to have you functioning and moving better that in turn will remove the pain having you feeling at your best.

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Man With Lower Back Pain

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