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Pain. What is it and how you can get rid of it for GOOD!

There are two pain systems in the body that are moderated by the brain in a way to protect you from your environment. Those are mechanoreceptors and nociceptors. When you are in pain these are giving you a signal to say "Hey, Something is wrong here!" ... But what if that signal is wrong? If you have been in pain for a longtime, or even if that pain is relatively new. Soemthing can likely be done about it to have you feeling better. 

Take Alex. He was a keen cyclist who would venture out most weekends, and get out on the evenings if his schedule allowed. One evening riding down the coast at Whitley Bay a car knocked into him, hitting his left knee causing him to veer off the road and land at the side of the road damaging his whole right side. For months the pain in his right side wouldn't go away. Alex found it hard to push his pedals down with bad knee pain in both legs.

For someone who loves cycling this was getting him down. I see in clinic a lot of this going on. And for the most part it can be resolved far sooner than when the majority reach out. So long story short, within 5 sessions he was pain free. The first 2 were concentrated on the impact trauma down his right side. And he felt better, stronger and physically capable. BUT. His left knee was still a problem. And the right. Completely fine. Now what I should have said is, he didn't mention the car accident fully. All he said in his intake form and further questionning was the fall on his right side. 

When he finally mentioned the car bumping into his left knee causing the accident. BINGO. I had the right information to get ALEX 100%. See the SOUND of the car hitting him, and the intial impact to the left knee were the cause of Alex's ongoing pain. It hadn't occured to him seen as though most of his pain had been on the right. After establishing the cause, resetting Alex's receptors took 5 seconds. 

He stood up and he did the common "I feel better shuffle" and a smile beemed from his face. 

Getting to grips with your accident history, past knocks and scrapes, any surgeries all help provide an understadning of how you present in clinic. If you have a pain or movement restriction impacting your everyday life, do get in touch sooner rather than later, let's get you optimised and working better. 

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