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Back Pain

The many causes of this debilitating problem too many people face. Along with the simple solution to get you moving and feeling better quickly!

For most, living with Back Pain can seem "part of life" but it doesn't have to be. For most people their back is not the problem. Quite often it's simply working too much to protect you. It can often feel TIGHT and RESTRICTED because it IS protecting you. So having it massaged, foam rolling it your self, stretching etc can often over time, make things worse. 

The real cause of the problem can be: your eyes, your neck, your hips, your quads, your core muscles, it can be a whole host of possible causes and Functional Neurology and P-DTR are used to establish why YOU are currently suffering. 

How do we find out how YOU are suffering? Well. We go through an assortment of assessments based on your initial enquiry, the information and history you provide us with and the in-person assessments and tests. In a short space of time we can give you an idea of whether the treatment will work for you. In most cases the answer is YES, in addition we can help show you the root cause of the pain and how you can fix it. 

Knowing this can be SUCH a relief for patients as you can now logically see why things are the way they are and you will have an understanding how it can all be helped back to you being at your best.  

Some clients experience an immediate change, others it could take 3-5 treatments depedning on the CAUSE. The majority of patients are VERY happy with their outcomes and see improvements session after session. This is certainly not a QUICK FIX, although it has happened for some. Life impacts every bit of it, my job is to make you more resilient to that. In your treatment I can even show you how resilient you currently are. It can be EYE OPENING!

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Man With Lower Back Pain

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