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Discover how your nervous system impacts everything you do. How I can optimise it for you to live life FULLY. What does this mean? Well, You are here in all likelihood because you are suffering from pain or sub-optimal performance which is limiting your ENJOYMENT of life. It is my job to change that. Understanding your history is important, accidents, surgeries, knocks and bumps are all relevant as this information is stored by the brain in which if it interprets a THREAT, it can hold on to that information for a long time after that incident has fully recovered. Yet, your brain ACTs as if it is still there.

Why? Incorrect information received by receptors of the body. It is my job to understand the root cause of your problem, understand which receptors are involved then correct them so they send the right information to your brain. When this happens, you move and feel WONDERFUL! Your body will no longer see a THREAT and in turn cause the body to work effectively. 

When you visit us for treatment you will go through a thorough assessment so we can understand you and your limitations, then look to correct those that impact your life. Most people who visit us for treatment don't realise this is going on and are quite surprised with the RESULTS they see. Understanding what's going on can go a long way in recovering from your traumas. 

Something as simple as dropping a weight ackwardly in a gym resulting in a niggle in the shoulder can plague you for years, you give it time to heal - 3 to 6 months at the most, and with that adequate time, something isn't right. It's your neurology at play believing you "have just done it" and is holding the shoulder in a protected state - causing commonly: tightness, restricted movement and pain. You continue to go about every day life, giving it more time. Yet, all the time in the world won't help. Your neurology needs resetting so your BRAIN receives the right information. This is exactly what we do in clinic. We resolve the faulty information leaving you to perform, feel and move better.

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