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Foot and Ankle Pain or Restriction is likely impacting your movement. Let's resolve that for good...

The foot and ankle are quite complex often impacting the way the whole body moves, impacting your neck, shoulders, pelvis and more. So if you do have a current problem, the sooner it is resloved the better your body will work. The majority of patients we see with foot and ankle problems stem from ANKLE sprains, or issues from trauma to the foot in a sport or hobby. Knowing the orginal cause can really help provide a solution to your problem quickly. Having said that, if you woke up one day, and suddenly you can't put your foot down due to pain, it doesn't mean finding your solution will be hard...

Once we establish why you move the way you do, we can look for abnormalities and dysfunctions. Resolve them. Test how you move and look for improvement. The way you walk is fundamental in every day life. Clearly, your feet and ankles are a BIG part of that, making contact with the ground. So moving efficiently through your toes, feet and ankles and the many joints that are involved, is paramount to your success in moving freely and in comfort. 

So we continue to test you and challenge you. Everytime we look to see how you body presents with this movement we give you, whether it be walking, squatting, jumping and so on. Your body should be able to handle this. If it can't we can see why, then fix it. 

Ultimately this allows you to move efficiently and ACTUALLY gives your body more capacity and energy. So if you want to see the many benefits this treatment can offer you, and optimise your movement, book in a Taster Session by clicking the blue button below and follow the next steps...

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