May 21


Dealing With Pain

By Sam Stocks

May 21, 2021

Dealing With Pain

A Brain-Based Approach

Pain can be helpful. Often allowing us to avoid serious injury. Yet pain can also be very limiting. Dealing with pain whether new or long-term you can get the help you deserve. Most pain can be resolved by knowing the main reason you have it, is the brain is processing it. For many people, sufficient tissue healing has already occurred. Yet the brain still perceives pain from the healed area. Why? The brain is receiving old or faulty information. Correcting this will resolve the pain for the majority of people. I see this daily at our clinic in Newcastle. Breakthrough Pain And Performance have been helping people get out of pain for a very long time. This is with great success with our Brain first approach.

Success With Pain

Dealing with pain successfully comes down to a thoughtful approach to why you experience pain in the first place. You need to be active in the treatment process, by sharing your thoughts and experience. Why? When it comes to neurology, everything matters. In the clinic, it's not just your body that is treated. Often our patients benefit from emotional and psychological treatments that are actually part of the cycle of pain. Without all aspects considered full resolution won't be possible. The treatment process allows us to understand quickly what help you need. You do not need to know. As the body will show you and me in your assessment session.

To find out more, you can view the various pages on the site. To find the specific help you need. Or even better contact us today. Have a conversation and receive crucial answers. Allowing you to make an informed decision on what you could do next.

Questions To Ask Yourself

How is your pain or movement restriction preventing you from doing the things you enjoy? A lot of what I do in the clinic is used to get you functionally fit and moving well. So you can go through all your everyday activities. For those who follow a more active lifestyle, that requires you to "push the boundaries" I can optimise your body further to allow this to happen with more strength and confidence.

A More Efficient And Optimised You

I allow you to go through patterns of movement that the brain can give you access to, helping you strengthen and engage the correct muscles so you move efficiently. With no or very little compensation!

If you like the sound of all of this you can take the next step in receiving the help you deserve by booking a FREE taster session... you can do that by clicking the blue button below:

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