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Imagine stepping on the pitch, gym floor or sports hall with 100% confidence your body is FULLY OPTIMISED. That's where I take my athlete clients and every day gym goers who are looking to achieve their best and constantly push their boundaries in the search of ever bigger challenges. Often you don't know what you don't know. So being fully assessed from a neurological perspective is a MUST for those wanting more from themselves. 

You can, in a very short space of time, understand your strengths and weaknesses, know which movement patterns to work on, know what movements aren't your friend and how to adapt your routines to bring about a better performance. Take for example someone aiming to improve their Max Deadlift, they fail to engage their CORE properly with a serious compensation in their lower back and plantar fascia. They complain all the time about their foot cramping, they roll it out all the time, yet seem to put up with it, because they've always been like this. Well, it's simply their neurology compensating for a weak core. So all the foot rolling in the world will never resolve this as its a symptom not a cause. 

I go after CAUSES!

This can be corrected as well as the root cause with a thorough assessment of your system, giving you insight to how you can FEEL and PERFORM better.

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