Little Known Ways to Overcome BACK-PAIN for good!

When it comes to back-pain the answer often lays in your history. Unlocking your past through an in-person assessment can give you a solid and clear idea how you can be moving pain free very soon. Hundreds of clients have become pain free this way and so can you. There is more information below to dive into to find out more. OR jump straight in and take action. To book a FREE assessment session click the button below:

Build Confidence

Remove Pain

Create Resilience

Live Fully Live Optimised

Why You Need P-DTR Treatment

Many clients of ours have tried tradional methods to relieve or remove their pain, with often poor outcomes. Especailly in the long-term. The reason we beleieve this to be the case is down to the "lock" the nervous system and brain keep you in as a form of protection. Knowing this we can find the answers through an in-depth assessment process to find the REAL CAUSE of your pain and movement challenges. With this information we can find the root cause of your PAIN and provide a FIX for the brain and nervous system. Unlocking your potential and giving you back your life and quality of movement.

It's often common to think "How can this work and will it work for me" well like I have mentioned above. We have hundreds of people that have successfully become pain free via P-DTR treatment..

What happens When I BOOK?

Once you have booked your date and time for a session you will recieve a confirmation email, with an intake form to review your history as well as your symptoms that you would like help with when it comes to your BACK-PAIN.


Your history matters before and during the session. Including previous accidents, surgeries, traumatic events, pulls, strains and general niggles that you have been aware of. 


This could include a car accident, a fall, a bump of the knee, a stub of the toe, an ankle sprain, a head injury. No one will remember EVERYTHING and that's ok. Often the assessment guides you to a particular event that comes to the surface and often within that, there's a solution to your pain.


Surgeries include those that were required in the event of an accident or emergency. And those that were undertaken due to giving birth, plastic or corrective surgery. If you have a SCAR this can be the cause of many challenges the body faces. Treatment here can RESOLVE a lot of long standing issues.


There can be triggers to your pain, these can be movements, environments, memories, and then issues with the eyes and ears. We can check very quickly if these are part of your pain and remove the TRIGGER so the work we undertake sticks. 


The majority of our clients within 5 sessions are symptom free. Some people can be free of pain within one session, yet often most people have an "interesting" history. Meaning you need more assessment so that I can be confident you go away from clinic in the best possible way. Optimised to take on your normal routines, and the things you enjoy. 


After your confirmation email you will also receive a text message confirming your appointment date and time. You will complete the form sent by email before your session and ideally email it back to use or take a photo of the completed form and send that back via WhatsApp

What is P-DTR

P-DTR stands for Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex which is how the treatment is received by the body to create change. It is a neurological therapy that allows the body to process correct information that it otherwise would recieve as incorrect which causes your pain and faulty movements. The therapy allows us to pinpoint the root cause of your problems understanding what is the ERROR and how to correct that. The treatment is non-invasive and super fast. Often taking seconds, once that cause is found. From my own personal experience it's been the best thing for my health, vitality and confidence in my bodies ability to move well. 

Sam Stocks

Coaching and Training people at the highest level for over 15 years Sam has a wealth of knowledge to help bring about positive change for his clients and patients. His knowledge of Functional Neurology helps him quicly establish the right treatment approach for a number of Back Pain Pathologies. So you can be confident you are in safe hands. 

[Breakthrough Pain & Performance] Owner/Therapist

Our Clients

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P-DTR Overview 


Remove Pain & Build Confidence
  • Yoyr muscular system will be assessed for faults and when found we will correct these to aid recovery
  • Your joints will be assessed for their range and function, if stiff and restricted we will aim to remove these limitations
  • Confidence in your movements will be granted through clearing out and FEAR based restrictions that have been placed on you. This will help your capacity to handle your environment.


Create Resilience
  • The body can only handle so much, and perceives the environment in many ways. If you are in PAIN, life can be hard and stress becomes your norm, which is exhausting.
  • The treatment process will give you back your life as well as your energy, allowing you to do more.
  • You become reslient to the challenges you may have faced in the past that cause pain, becoming efficent in your everyday movements


Optimise Movement and Performance
  • You can take it a step further and be further challenged to build the strength and tollerance of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints so they handle GREATER demands.
  • If you exercise regurlarly, play a sport or just generally want to be more active and see improvement this is a great way to solidify a foundation to build from. Which can grow and improve as you do.
  • We increase you ability to multi-task and withstand the challenge of multiple requirements on your body and mind. Greater Performance is yours to enjoy.

Get started now!

Lets Get You Feeling and Moving Better

What Makes Us Different

The approach we take through a Function Neurology Lens is one of greater understanding of the forces at play when it comes to how you move and function, with what brought about your symptoms of pain. The CAUSE isn't down to ONE problem. It's usually part of a two sided equation. Fixing these two sides is what allows the treatment to be so effective and long lasting. It's in-depth and looks at you as a whole, rather than someone with back-pain. Your back and spine as a whole may not even be the REASON why you have pain their. The solution maybe in your Ankle. This is why your HISTORY and YOU matter. So we get to know both by assessing you correctly, spending time to do the job right. Every. Single. Time. 


You want the confidence to move with out pain. To be able to bend down with out FEAR of putting yourself on the floor in severe pain. You want to be able reach into the boot of your car with out FEAR that you feel excruciating pain and spasm your back for the third time in a month. You want to have confidence you can perform your best whatever the experience. We help you BUILD that confidence by showing you what your body is capable of. As well as showing you why it has gone the way it has, why you have pain, and how we can get rid of it for good.


Removing Pain comes through making your movements functional. If you are in pain often your muscles are imbalanced which puts the breaks on your capabilites and as a consequence you can feel tight and restricted. Which seriously limits what you can do. Then one day, you twist in a certain way and BANG your back goes. We aim to give you the resilience to not only with stand your normal everyday activities, also the unexpected. 

You should be able to move with confidence in the resilience your body has to move and feel great.


Confidence, function and resilience make you feel energised, powerful and strong. You can take this into the real world if you so wish when it comes to performance... whether thats running on a track, lifting in the gym, cycling with the other half through a forest or playing with the kids at the park. 

You want to be able to meet and surpass the demands placed on you. Knowing your body can keep up. When your body works well it saves you energy, allows you to be efficent. Ultimately it gives you a FREEDOM to enjoy life.

Our Pricing Plan

Here are our Treatment Package Prices. After your first assessment session, each session there after is £60.




This includes your initial treatment session, a follow up session and a aftercare plan  




Includes everying in the basic plan, plus. 3 extra treatment, accountability on the aftercare plan, additonal support and coaching to build greater resilience.




Includes everything in premium, plus 2 extra treaments, optimised movement coaching, training plan for performance and corrective exercise.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Our Clients

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

Minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip duius commodo nam auctor

Lara Cros - designer

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Peter Mckinsey - blogger

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